Moose Bag Collapsible Water Container and Ice Bag wtih Hydration System FREEZABLE, Portable Water Carrier, Hydration Pack and Ice Bladder for Camping, Hiking, Soccer & Football Games

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→No more soggy cooler packages and wondering if that red tint in the cooler ice is Gatorade or blood from the raw hamburgers.

→The patent-pending Moose Bag allows you to throw up to 20 pounds of crushed ice into the bag.

→When the ice melts, it stays in the Moose Bag and the water stays away from your packages and exposed food.

→As the ice melts you can enjoy ice cold drinking water accessible through the bite valve. Or hang it up and pour some ice cold water into a water bottle.

→The Moose Bag works great for boating and rafting trips and allows you to have ice cold water while keeping your food cool and dry.

→The Moose Bag is perfect for all types of camping be it car camping, RV camping, or tent camping.

→Enjoy a dry cooler while keeping everything cold. – Freezable – Reusable – Heavy Duty – Carrying handle – Holds a 20-pound bag of ice – Bite valve – Bottle filling valve
✅ CONVENIENT: Portable water system that doubles as an Ice bag to keep all of your food cool and dry!! It’s so easy to use and just as easy to store. Simply open the large bag, fill with ice or water and ice mix, fold down and roll the top to release any air, clasp buckle and you’re ready to go! It’s foldable and lightweight design with large opening make it easy, so that when you’re ready to go home, simply air dry and fold flat to store away between uses. Just as easy as that!
✅ WATER DISPENSER: NEW Re-designed bite valve system that allows for easy dispensing of ice water in camp or to quickly fill a water bottle on the go! This unique feature allows you too easily fill, pour out and also control the flow of water. Our Moose Bags are 100% food grade and taste free, ensuring your ice cold water stays as clean as when it entered.
✅ ICE STORAGE: The Moose Bag works great for boating, camping and rafting trips and allows you to have ice cold water while keeping your food cool and dry. Fill your Moose Bag up with Ice and store in any cooler or storage device. Our no leak design keeps your food and perishable items cold without having to worry about dealing with melting ice and the hassle of wet and soggy food.
✅ QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Our containers are made with high quality non BPA materials, too above average standards, so that they not only perform better but also last. We have structurally re-designed our valve system which allows for quick and easy water access without leaking when not in use! Perfect for survival kits, camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, BBQ, travel, RV, sport events, car emergency, and natural disaster preparedness.
✅ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Use our product carefree with our 100% money back guarantee within 30 days. If you are not absolutely happy with your purchase of your Moose Bag Collapsible Water Container for any reason, simply send it back for a full refund or to get a new replacement. No questions asked!




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